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4 02, 2017

@cathcharityshop on Depop

The donations of clothes to us from the community are legendary and we are so lucky to have such generous people around us….sometimes though, we get so much great stuff we literally run out of room! Then we have the problem of items that are too small, too big or just too vintage… but we’ve

8 12, 2016

Brand new website

CATH are now the proud owners of a brand new website, courtesy of our ongoing relationship with local developer Archway Homes. Our old website was looking a little out of date so, following various conversations with Rachael Whelan, Business Manager, at Archway, they set their web designers to work. The website now has a fresh new look

8 12, 2016

Monthly newsletter launched

With the skill and cooperation of our volunteer Dan Batten, we are now reaching a wider audience with our newsletter called Street. It is designed to highlight the wider prevalent issues of homelessness, not just in Cheshire but the country. Each month we will focus upon what matters to us and aims to give our clients a

22 10, 2016

Crispin House facelift

Our supported accommodation for the homeless, Crispin House, has recently undergone a significant transformation, both inside and out. Archway Homes, a local developer, enlisted the help of their various contacts and, in two stages, refurbished the whole building. Stage one consisted of painting the walls and woodwork, attending to plumbing and electrical defects and replacing the carpets

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