4 February 2017

The donations of clothes to us from the community are legendary and we are so lucky to have such generous people around us….sometimes though, we get so much great stuff we literally run out of room! Then we have the problem of items that are too small, too big or just too vintage… but we’ve found the solution!

Thanks to one of our outstanding volunteers, Chloe, we’ve an exciting project for 2017! We’ve just opened up a shop on the popular selling app Depop. All the clothes left behind in our clothes store will get a new least of life!

All of the proceeds will go towards restocking essential and appropriate items of clothing for our clients. It will also pump money back into our community when we go shopping.

New items will be uploaded weekly, it’s guilt free shopping!

All you have to do is just search for @cathcharityshop on Depop

Also, don’t forget to follow us on our new shiny Instagram account! @chester_ath