24 May 2017

Art has featured food for thousands of years and food is recognised as the culinary arts, so it makes perfect sense to combine the two and create an engagement session that combines both worlds.
Art Cook & Eat (ACE) sessions at the day centre capture the imagination and appetite of a spectrum of our clients. We feel it is a very positive way to heighten a client’s sense of well being, both mentally and physically.

Importantly, this is a group activity that functions solely for the benefit of the group. It has a collectively understood objective that embodies cooperation, communication and mutual advantage, all essential transferable skills that can aid their social inclusion and employability.

The most recent session was joined by our corporate benefactors JTI. Again, they facilitated and participated in the art and cookery. It was important they see the work we do with clients can step beyond the bounds of unadventurous support work.

As ever, our volunteers have continued to support us in providing engagement sessions and constantly offer the enthusiasm, commitment and creativity necessary to make this project successful.