We’re all stitched up!

Have you heard the one about 5 medics and a lawyer? We know, it sounds like a joke but this talented set of people make up the group Jazzectomy. They recently played the bandstand at the riverside specifically to raise […]

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The Right Fit

Cheshire Change Hub is a new local health and wellbeing service.aimed at providing support to people who might not traditionally think of using exercise in order to live a healthier, happier life. Whether you want to stop smoking, lose weight, […]

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Enterprising Women

Sowing the seeds of empowerment for women in Chester We are delighted that our women’s support group is going from strength to strength. The positive engagement session has been set up and coordinated by some special women, namely our super […]

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It’s in the bag!

We had some fantastic National Citizen Service (NCS) young people in recently. NCS is a multi-staged programme for 15-17 year olds that aims to build work and life skills. They raised money in Chester city centre and used their funds […]

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Sam Paddock - CVA Inspiration Award winner

She’s Sam-Tastic!

Sam Paddock, a Chester Aid to the Homeless volunteer, has been awarded the CVA Inspiration Award by the Volunteer Awards 2017 and we couldn’t be prouder of her. Volunteering was a new start for Sam as her life before was […]

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'The Hand'


The Hand is one of a number of pieces on display at an up and coming well being festival on the 19th July at Grosvenor Park. The festival, Head, Heart and Hands, is a joint venture between CVA and CATH, […]

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Art, Cook & Eat

Art has featured food for thousands of years and food is recognised as the culinary arts, so it makes perfect sense to combine the two and create an engagement session that combines both worlds. Art Cook & Eat (ACE) sessions […]

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CATH Depop Shop

@cathcharityshop on Depop

The donations of clothes to us from the community are legendary and we are so lucky to have such generous people around us….sometimes though, we get so much great stuff we literally run out of room! Then we have the […]

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CATH Sleep Out 2016 – A Great Success!

A great night was enjoyed by all on 2nd December, with fifty-five hardy souls joining us for the annual sleep out under the stars. The weather for the most part was kind enough, save for a brief rainy spell. ‘Water […]

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